Bundle Deal: Suspension Trainer & Pull-Up Bar


PRO3 Suspension Trainer Straps.

BRAND NEW Fitness Resistance Bands.

The Suspension Trainer can be used almost anywhere, at any time. Like the TRX, they are very versatile and an excellent choice when you don’t have access to Barbells and Dumbbells.

All you need is a stable anchor such as a doorway or tree and you have the ability to work the majority of your muscle groups using your body’s relationship with gravity.

Adjustable length from Hook to Handle: 130cm-180cm

This edition comes with the the following:

Door Anchor
Suspension Anchor
Hexagon wrench
Extended belt
Sports Ring
Net bag

Pull-Up bar

Multi functional, enabling Dips, Sit-ups and Push-ups too!

Chunky Foam Grips for your comfort.  An excellent choice if you want a low cost fitness solution to strengthen the Upper Body.  The ‘Iron Gym’ Pull Up bar will strengthen your Triceps, Biceps, Back,Chest, Shoulders and Abs using your own body weight.
Ideal for rented properties, as there’s no screwing into door frames required.  Takes up very little room too, so ideal for appartment living.
  • Fits all standard door frames 24″ to 32″
  • Size – 95.5 x 49 x 30cm (L x W x H)
  • Product Weight – 1.5kg’s
  • Materials – Heavy Duty Steel construction with High Density Foam
  • Max Load – 130 kg’s

Package size 50cm x 18cm x 8cm

Dispatched next working day.

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