Barbell and Weight Plate Set


Whats included in the bundle?

  • 1 x Black Hardened Chrome Olympic Barbell
  • 10 Plates – 150 kgs of Colour Bumper Plates – 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg & 25 kg
  • 2 x Black Jaw Lock Collar

Black Olympic Barbell

Max load Bearing – 1000 lb’s

Sleeves (internal) – Dual Copper, 8 needle bearings for minimal friction thus providing a smooth spin and excellent longevity

Length – 2.2 metres (7.2 feet)

Weight – 20 kgs (standard Olympic)

Material – Shaft– Ceramic Coated Alloy Steel

Sleeves Coating– Hardened Chrome

Width of shaft – 28mm

Knurling – Dual Marks (no centre mark)

Colour Bumper Plates:

This material is made of high premium Rubber with a Stainless Steel centre insert – The 100% rubber is designed to protect gym floors and equipment from impact damage whilst dampening noise.  The Steel Ring provides a quick and smooth plate change.

These Olympic sized Plates are fitted with a 2 inch / 51mm collar opening for use with Olympic barbells, the Steel allows for a heavier weight load.

Colour coded plates not only look great its also handy for easy and quick plate identification.  Plates depths are as follows:

Black, 5 kgs – 22 mm, Green, 10 kgs – 38 mm, Yellow, 15 kgs – 52 mm, Blue 10 kgs – 65 mm, Red 25 kgs – 85 mm

150 kg sets consist of 2 of the following 25kgs, 20kgs, 15kgs, 10kgs, 5kgs.

How long will my delivery take ?

Everything is dispatched the next working day and delivery is the following working day.  Your tracking information with be emailed to once we have dispatched your order.


Olympic Barbell

Silver Chrome 700 lb Rated, Black Chrome 1000 lb Rated